The ultrasound experience

Pets are gently restrained in a luxurious v-trough with experienced handlers. For abdominal ultrasounds the hair on their belly is typically clipped in order to provide a clear image, and thus make an accurate diagnosis.

Alcohol and ultrasound gel, a non-toxic, water soluble gel is also applied to create an interface for obtaining the best possible images to assist in your pet’s diagnosis and treatment. 

We strive to keep your loved pet as comfortable and relaxed as possible during this non-invasive process – with the goal of helping our veterinarian partners to find an accurate and efficient diagnosis.

— Dr. Lee Yanik, DVM, Diplomate ACVR

The ‘belly-rub exam’ is not painful and typically takes 15-45 minutes depending on the size and shape of your pet, and their medical conditions. Breaks for your pet are offered, if they need them. Oxygen can also be supplied if needed for your pet.

Sedation is uncommonly needed to help a pet relax so we can achieve a complete and thorough exam.

We remove as much gel as possible following the ultrasound.